Who we are

The "Verein für Afghanistan Förderung e.V." (short: VAF) was founded in 1979 by exiled Afghans in Bonn. Purpose of the association is to provide assistance for the victims of the civil war in Afghanistan and afghan refugees in Europe, Pakistan and Iran. The sphere of operation is emergency relief, medical assistance and assistance in education for people in need as well as the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

The VAF maintained medical base stations in refugee camps in Iran and Pakistan and carried out literacy and training projects there. The VAF has been working in Afghanistan again since 1992. For example, the “Paiwand-e-Noor” peace house for girls and boys with disabilities is run in Kabul, schools and craft projects are supported for the qualified training of young people, and medical treatment is promoted in Kabul. As long as the medical possibilities in the country are not sufficient in special cases, the VAF helps injured and seriously ill children by bringing them to Germany for treatment. In caring for the Afghan population, especially children and young people in schools, training and homes, special emphasis is placed on promoting self-confidence and personal development and on strengthening respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. The primary goal of the VAF is to help the Afghan people to help themselves and to help ensure that the future of the country can be shaped by building in peace.

The VAF worked with the Foreign Office on several projects in the medical field.Among other things, basic health units (BHUs) and milk distribution were carried out in the Pakistani refugee camps. With great financial support from the BMZ, food was distributed among the population throughout Afghanistan in 1989 and a handicraft project was run in the Katscha Gari refugee camp in Peshawar / Pakistan. Misereor Germany supported the construction of 100 adobe houses in Shewaki, which provided Afghan returnees from the refugee camps in Pakistan and Iran with a livelihood. The peace house for girls in Kabul was reopened with the help of GTZ. The GTZ also provided financial aid for our relief supplies from Germany to Afghanistan. The container shipments consisted mainly of medical equipment, hospital beds and medicines. With the help of the Otto Benecke Foundation, Afghan students received a scholarship for their studies in Pakistan. The Else Kröner Fresenius Foundation has been supporting our Peace House Paiwand-e-Noor since the beginning of 2011. Another container with primarily medical relief supplies was successfully brought to Kabul and Herat in October 2011 with the support of GIZ (formerly GTZ).

The person responsible for the project in Germany is the managing director of the VAF, Mr. Abdul Jalil Hekmat. The VAF is recognized as a non-profit, non-governmental organization in Germany as well as in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Help us out

The VAF has 25 members in Germany and many long-term supporters, mainly in Germany, but also in neighboring European countries.
In the past few years, a wide variety of projects have been implemented with the help of well-known organizations.